About Prosper and Associates


The mission of Prosper and Associates is to help people prosper by successfully navigating complex legal and financial situations.

Prosper and Associates is uniquely qualified to help individuals and companies navigate complex legal and financial situations because our team - starting with founder Bill Prosper and all of our associates - is made up of educated, experieneced lawyers, tax advisors and financial planners.

Whether you or your company are dealing with tax, estate, legal, IPO, franchise or incorporation issues, and whether they have local, state, federal or international implications, Prosper and Associates are the experts you can trust to help you not only survive but prosper through them.



Prosper and Associates has been serving the people and businesses of the Anytown, US community since 1994. Bill’s unique combination of legal and financial training and experience, makes Prosper and Associates uniquely qualified to serve clients whose needs span a wide variety legal and financial issues without having to multiple firms or advisors.

Bill graduated from the Harvard School of Business with a degree in financial wizardry in 1988. He went on to graduate summa cum laude from the Anytown University Law School in 1991 and passed the Florida bar later that year. He worked 3 years for Wall Street legal firm Wonkers and Bonkers before stepping out on his own to start Prosper and Associates.

Prosper and Associates has received numerous awards in its 20+ years for being among the top companies in Anytown, the best company to work for, as well as awards for service in the community. Bill and his team would cherish the opportunity to help you with your legal and financial matters.